Thank you for your interest in our Shopify for Drupal
project assessment and risk mitigation session. Let's do this!
First, we're interested in learning about your business goals for the project and what's motivating you.

Describe your project in a sentence or two.

What are your biggest concerns going into this project?

What problems are you looking to solve by implementing this project?

What does a home run for this project look like?

The next few questions are more technical. Just do the best you can.

Are you hoping to tie users in Drupal to user’s Shopify accounts?

Does the website need to have multilingual support?

Do you need to migrate products or other content into this project?

Are you adding Shopify to an existing Drupal site or building the entire project from scratch?

Do you have an existing website? If so, what is the URL?

What is your name? *

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